Face Mask Refresh

Face Mask Refresh

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Wearing protective face masks can result in "maskne" - breakouts, blemishes, bumps, or irritated skin. We have created an on-the-go spray to refresh your mask & skin to control the bacteria that is triggering breakouts.

The blend of calming, anti-bacterial & anti-viral essential oils:
• Prevent bacteria from building up
• Help clear nasal congestion
• Prevent irritation
• Boost your mood
• Create a calming sensation

Shake before use. hold the bottle a foot away from your clean mask and spray once on the inside. WAIT 45 SECONDS BEFORE WEARING YOUR MASK.

Feeling a breakout coming on? Hold the bottle at arm's length away from your face. With your eyes closed, mist once onto the lower half of face. Get ready to say BYE BYE to MASKNE.


Alcohol-Free / Vegan / Witch Hazel / Organic